Find out all about starting your course at Dundee


We're looking forward to you starting at the University of Dundee. We've put together information on what you need to bring, plus where you'll need to be and what you'll need to do during your first week here. Late arrivals, find out the teaching start dates.


Plan your travel         

Discover the best way to travel to Dundee from around the UK. Plus we've put together guides for the easiest transfers from the four major Scottish airports.


Find out what you need to bring

Make sure you have all your paperwork. Don't pack too much, it's often easier to buy things once you get here.


Check your course induction events

For each course you'll need to attend some welcome meetings, then take the appropriate forms to Matriculation (registration). Each course is slightly different, so check the appropriate page for your course. We've also arranged a wide range of Welcome events to help you get settled in.


Don't buy Microsoft Office (you get it for free!)

You get access to Microsoft Office 365, including desktop, mobile, and tablet installation for free as part of your University account. You can also save money on laptops and software by using our partners.

Once you are here


Connect to eduroam wifi

Connect to the wifi on your phone, tablet, and laptop plus our special network for games consoles, and smart devices. If you need assistance with this, we have IT Service Points on campus, including at Matriculation.


Discover more about student life

Our Student Services team have created a number of support toolkits that signpost you to information to help you with wellbeing, healthy living, personal development and student life and also to key information and online resources to help you in preparing for university, during your studies and in thinking about your career. This can be found on our toolkits at Live Smart and Learn Smart.

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