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September 2023

Our graduates find employment in a wide variety of positions in academic research (e.g. biomedical, genetic, agricultural or ecological research), in hospital labs, in environmental health, and in teaching.

Industry employs microbiologists in the manufacture of numerous products, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, food and drink, either because micro-organisms are used in the process or for reasons of microbiological safety and hygiene.

In addition, many microbiology graduates find careers in management, regulatory affairs, publishing, patent documentation, and the media, where their scientific training is valued.

Dr Katie Paget
“After completing my Microbiology degree I went on to do a PhD and then started working at Dundee and Angus College as a lecturer in the Science department. I never expected that this is where I would end up, but when I was doing my PhD I enjoyed public engagement work, and got a job at Dundee Science Centre as Science Learning Officer, I then also got some part time hours at the college to gain some experience in teaching. I just fell in love with it, I'm passionate about sharing knowledge and engaging people with science, and there is nothing better than seeing light bulb moments with my students and knowing that I have made a difference.”

Dr Katie Paget, BSc (Hons) Microbiology graduate 2005

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