Following your course, you will also be able to work in any career in which a sound ability in mathematics, computing, IT or administrative organisation is required.

Portrait photo of Stephanie Anani
“I currently work as an Information & Data Specialist for Accenture on a Shell Project. This role uses a variety of skills which I picked up in different aspects of my university experience. I don't have a typical day but my role oftentimes involves liaising with clients and vendors and carrying out data transformations. I also manage certain project work streams to ensure appropriate design, testing and execution. My Dundee degree gave me an excellent combination of soft and hard skills which enabled me to communicate and solve problems effectively.”

Stephanie Anani, BSc Mechanical Engineering graduate, 2020, Nigeria

“My Dundee degree gave me the perfect time and space to learn more about myself and about others, along with a wonderful connection with my lecturers and industry links which I will always cherish. I am currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Management.”

Muhammad Ibad-Ul-Rahman, BSc Mechanical Engineering graduate, 2021, Pakistan

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