Date of entry

September 2024


Our degrees are taught using a variety of methods including:

  • lectures
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • tutorials
  • projects

We also have an annual series of industry lectures which you are encouraged to attend.

The University of Dundee School of Business is committed to providing students with an exciting, meaningful, and interactive learning experience taking advantage of traditional and leading-edge learning technologies. This hybrid approach to education delivery, which includes both in-person and online material, has been adopted globally by top universities.

Our approach is flexible, attempting to meet the needs of all our domestic and international students. Moreover, our students are assured of an on-campus learning experience for all modules supplemented and complemented by state-of-the-art Cloud technology. A major advantage of ‘hybrid teaching’ is that it allows popular classes to remain small so that meaningful discussion and engagement between students and academics can occur.


Essays, problem-based exercises, case studies, presentations, and group projects all play a role in assessment and together with exam results, provide the basis for your final grade.


This degree has two International Business and two International Relations compulsory modules in each of the first two levels with the other two modules in each level open for you to study other subjects from the broad selection on offer, through the MA system.

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