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Triple intensity means that:

  • our research is pushing through the limits of current knowledge and thereby ensuring that our curricula are at the cutting-edge across all subjects
  • our students participate in research through their projects and by playing an active role in enriching our research culture
  • the knowledge we gain from our research has practical impact
  • our educational intensity equips our students with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to bring to bear in the real world
Triple Intensity

All three components of our triple intensity inform, inspire and stimulate each other.

Intensity and excellence are complementary aspects of everything we deliver. Intensity implies concentration and volume. Excellence predominantly means quality. It is that excellence, together with intensity, that we constantly strive to achieve in research, education and engagement.

All colleagues have a different contribution to make, and each School’s intensity may have its own distinctive shape. Some areas of our University will, by the nature of their discipline or their focus on professional practice, be more or less intensive in the research that they carry out or the direct engagement they have with society. However, we are committed to ensuring that our learning and teaching is always intensive and that there is a relentless focus on excellence in all our areas of our academic activity.

It is the unique formation of these strengths and principles – our triple intensity delivered with active attention to excellence and place – that makes the University of Dundee special and helps us to transform lives.

Research with impact

The bedrock of Dundee’s global reputation for impact is the extraordinary strength of our research.

We will be recognised as a world-leading university, and collaborative partner of choice, founded on the excellence and transformative impact of our research.  Our global reach will be recognised, and our social purpose will also champion the delivery of prosperity, jobs and well-being to our local and regional communities. 

We value basic, curiosity-driven research as a driver of discovery. We will build on these knowledge foundations to develop new ideas and theories, continuing to develop design-led innovations addressing global challenges in the fields of health, education, sustainability, and social justice. 

Our enabling strategy on research with impact sets out the tangible steps we will take to foster a culture of excellence delivering world-class impact transforming lives locally and globally.

View our enabling strategy on research

REF impact case studies

For the second successive REF we are the top University in the UK for Biological Sciences (Times Higher Education). 84% of our research was judged world leading or internationally excellent.
REF impact case studies

Education and student experience

We will offer a world-leading education and student experience through a blend of traditional programmes, stackable qualifications and micro-credentials, with flexibility and support to learn on campus, through blended learning or online. Our programmes will develop skills and will support work-based learning to maximise the opportunity for students to move into the world of work.

Our learning and teaching will be student-focused, delivering the best possible student experience and work-ready students equipped for the world that they are destined to shape. To support their development as change-makers, our students will be encouraged to help develop and define the values of the university. Through this ongoing endeavour students will be empowered to help us create and deliver a smooth and seamless student experience from the point of initial enquiry to graduation and beyond, as alumni and continuing members of our community.

Our approach throughout development and delivery of learning and teaching in Dundee, Kirkcaldy and internationally will be through meaningful and sustained partnerships. This is the commitment that underpins our enabling strategy on education and student experience.

View our enabling strategy on education and student experience

Engagement and enterprise

Dundee is an innovative university, internationally recognised for our enterprise culture and delivering collaborative outcomes that transform lives and deliver economic impact. Our strategy will develop new approaches for creating economic, civic and cultural benefits and sustain Dundee as an engine of start-up and spin-out businesses and increasingly anchor these here in our region.

Our immediate priorities are innovation in the Life Sciences, to be joined by eco-innovation, and the creative industries, including AI and creative computing. Our first focus will be to deliver a globally recognised Life Sciences Innovation District, cementing the reputation of Dundee as a powerhouse of biomedical innovation and broader biosciences.

Dundee is also an exemplar “engaging” university. We actively learn from and work with communities and partner organisations to ensure we deliver our shared priorities in a sustainable, inclusive and socially responsible manner. Our collaborative approach will mobilise staff and students in advancing the practice of engagement. We will build on the achievement of our Gold Watermark for Public Engagement. This will include critically evaluating our impact, widely sharing our expertise, and providing structured programmes of support for regional entrepreneurs and business leaders.

View our enabling strategy on engagement and enterprise