REF impact case studies

The University of Dundee submitted 47 case studies to REF 2021 across 16 Units of Assessment. You can read about a selection of case studies below.

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REF (Research Excellence Framework) 2021

This is the main assessment of research across the higher education sector in the UK, and is vitally important in determining both future research funding and our global reputation. The REF process assesses each of our discipline areas in terms of its quality and is carried out once every six-to-seven years.

Research impact case studies account for 25% of the REF assessment and describe the practical benefits that result from our research. You can read highlights from some of our case studies – from Art & Design to Engineering and English - below.

Creating Public Information Comics artwork by Jack Brougham
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Impact case study

Research into comics has led to new partnerships and publications tackling issues of public interest.

Published on 17 May 2022