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Our academic excellence and impact will be underpinned by strong financial performance, allowing us to invest in areas of strength and champion our values. 

Our overarching priorities for delivery against our institutional activities are listed below.

Ensuring our academic excellence

We will be clear in determining which disciplines we will focus on.

Academic excellence
Growing our reach

We will grow our reach, particularly in widening access, social inclusion, and internationalisation.

Growing our reach
Transforming our University to be a truly digital community

Our innovative use of digital technologies will be critical to our future approach to education, research, and engagement.

Digital community

Investing in people

Our people are the heartbeat of our University. The drive and passion of our staff, students and supporters is the essential means by which we realise our full potential – both as a high performing community and as a shining beacon for our city.

Our continued success will depend on the enhancement of our global reputation for academic excellence and on achieving growth. We need, therefore, to nurture our people and their talents by embedding throughout the organisation an inclusive culture of empowerment and accountability. This will allow us to celebrate together our differing contributions to the excellence of the institution and to support one another to thrive.

Audience at Steven Fry Awards

Our priority will be to invest in our people, inspiring them to be innovative and to maximise the impact of their talents for the benefit of wider society. We will create and nurture a vibrant organisational culture, marked by a deep commitment to equality and a celebration of our diversity. We will invest in the capacity of our leaders to ensure they have the skills and abilities they need to inspire others in the delivery of positive transformation.  This will be an inclusive, confident, high-performing community in which we manage, develop and celebrate our people and their varied contributions to our social purpose. We will all be accountable to one another for delivery of our key priorities and together we will make the University of Dundee a fantastic place to work.

Our enabling strategy on people and talent addresses tangible steps we will take over the next five years in the areas of culture, talent, and transformative leadership.

Creating the organisation to deliver our mission

To deliver on our mission, we must ensure we have the culture, capacity, and agility as well as the strong financial platform necessary to flourish.

We will deliver a dynamic shift in remodelling our planning processes. This will be focused on the achievement of excellence while innovating to improve our financial performance and create new opportunities to showcase our research strengths.

We will ensure a culture of empowerment with accountability, and act together as a high performing community to deliver on our social purpose, transforming lives. We will work together as “One Dundee” in the relentless pursuit and delivery of our goals, underpinned by our values.

We will grow income from student recruitment, funded research and our commercial activities.

Most importantly, we will invest in our future, intellectually and financially, and in this strategy and its commitments.