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We will know we have been successful in delivering our strategy when, after five years, we are even more confident in demonstrating our excellence in research, education and engagement, when our digital maturity is more fully realised, and our global reach has continued to expand. 

We will have made progress in investing in our people, continued to expand access to our University, and our students and graduates will continue to be our most effective ambassadors by having a positive impact on their communities and workplaces, showcasing the benefits of participation in one of the best learning environments in the UK.

We will also monitor key enablers of our success such as our environmental and financial sustainability.

To help assess our progress towards our five-year outcomes, we have established the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets:

Strategic Focus KPI name Target (by Year 5)

Education & Student Experience

Overall Student Satisfaction (NSS)

Top 20 in the UK

Research with Impact

Research Grant Income

Target £83m per annum


Times Higher Education Impact Rankings

Ranked in the World’s Top Quintile


Estimated current turnover of all active spinouts and start-ups

Top 5 in the UK

People & Talent

Staff Survey Recommendation Question

Progress against a baseline to be established in Year 2

Digital Enablement

Digital Business Maturity Assessment (Gartner)

Score 3.50 out of 5.00

Climate Action & Net Zero

Greenhouse Gas net Emissions

On track to achieve 75% reduction compared to baseline by 2030

Financial Sustainability

Cash generation (EBITDA)

EBITDA as a percentage of income of at least 7%