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Recognising strength

The digital revolution has transformed the ways staff, students, prospective students and stakeholders interact and engage with the world, and we will work to ensure they are well positioned to play a role in charging digital interactions with social purpose.

Our community has the potential to lead in a complex world, using technology to advance knowledge, connection and creativity.

Already our researchers and clinicians are developing artificial intelligence (AI) to help diagnose skin cancer, spin-out company Exscientia is at the forefront of AI-driven drug discovery and design, and we are also leading work to tackle key biosciences ‘big data’ challenges.

The pandemic has demonstrated that working digitally is more important than ever before. We are now ready to enter a new era, building on our proven adaptability and commitment to designing for change. 

This will require a step-change, and we recognise we have more to do to meet our digital ambitions.

Strategic vision

Our goal is to promote enlightened engagement with new and emerging technologies, along with critical reflection on the impacts they have on people and planet.

We will experiment and encourage learning to unleash the potential of digital information and technologies to transform our research, education and engagement and provide the best possible user experiences.

We want everyone across our community to be confident applying an agile mindset and taking a ‘digital first’ approach to delivering solutions.

We will deliver digital and campus experiences, blended seamlessly through the development of a Digitally Enabled Campus.

Our digital infrastructure will support and enable world-class research, research-led teaching, and engagement activity, delivering and enhancing services people want to use rather than have to use.

Digital information and technology will support targeted recruitment activity, as well as deepening our partnerships.

Waste will be reduced, costs lowered, and staff liberated to focus on high value activities, such as delivering on our climate commitments.

Supporting excellence

Strategy and skills

  • We will develop staff and students who are confident in the rapidly changing digital environment, leveraging communities and networks to support each other.
  • We will publish a Digital Strategic Plan annually, and iteratively improve our digital services and technologies through stakeholder feedback.
  • We will introduce smart practices to all aspects of the University.
  • We will improve the integration, resilience, and reliability of our digital infrastructure using a blend of cloud and on-premises standards.
  • We will take advantage of flexibility in staff recruitment, employment practices and new ways of working.
  • We will embrace digital technologies which support our institutional commitment to the ‘just transition’ and delivering net zero ahead of 2045.
  • Our approach to digital will be ethical, accessible, inclusive, accountable, critical, and reflective.
  • We will invest to improve our cyber security.

Supporting research and innovation

  • We will create a dedicated team to support the research journey from grant through to delivery.
  • We will promote a culture of innovation, eliminating duplication and waste, and empower our staff by providing secure, user-orientated services.
  • We will support research areas utilising high performance computing (HPC), big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, and ensure our infrastructure remains world leading.
  • We will enable our researchers and partners to make the most of large data sets (for example through appropriate governance) and encourage increased use of digital working practices in research.

Enhancing our education portfolio

  • We will create a dedicated Learning and Teaching team to support education activity encompassing both online and on-campus environments.
  • We will ensure students and staff gain confidence in digital learning environments and develop our practice in new and existing digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).
  • We will grow our portfolio of attractive blended and online qualifications, (including degrees, sub-degree qualifications, micro-credentials, and continuous professional development); maximising learner choice, flexibility and supporting lifelong learning.
  • We will enhance our education programmes and digital learning resources in partnership with existing and new global partners and suppliers.
  • We will measure and improve engagement and retention of our student population.
  • We will facilitate enhanced growth in student recruitment and target our conversion efforts by unifying interactions and communications with enquirers, applicants, and students.

A porous University

  • We will reduce digital inequality and improve the accessibility of our digital services, to enhance our global reach and impact in education, research, and innovation.
  • We will work ever more closely with key local partners including the National Health Service, Dundee City Council, and local enterprises on mutually beneficial service developments.
  • We will create digitally enabled hybrid spaces to enhance collaboration across social networks.