Teaching methods include:

  • lectures
  • student-led presentations
  • individual study
  • group work
  • role-play exercises
  • simulations
  • internships
  • talks by invited speakers
  • independent study

Your core modules are taught by CEPMLP staff, but your optional modules can be taught by a wide range of recognised specialists from across the University, depending on the subjects you choose.


Assessment styles include:

  • individual essays
  • practical assignments
  • exams
  • group exercises
  • peer group assessment
  • a dissertation on a topic of your own choice

Dissertations can be very diverse, and include formal hypothesis-led research projects, theory or literature-based projects, case-study assessment and advanced professional practice evaluations. Your choice of dissertation is discussed between you and your academic supervisor.

Core Modules

These modules are an essential part of your course.

Module code: CP50001 Credits: 10 Semester: Semester 1

Optional Modules

You need to choose one or more of these modules as part of your course.

Module code: CP50003 Credits: 30 Semester: Semester 1
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