Date of entry

September 2024


The course will be delivered in two main areas: structured study, (which builds essential skills in research and art practice) and professional studio practice. A combination of teaching methods include:

  • one‐to‐one tutorials
  • group critique
  • lectures
  • exhibitions
  • performance
  • workshops

In addition to learning through directed module leadership, each student will be supported by an adviser through dedicated tutorials across the duration of the course, which add to the depth and breadth of the student’s knowledge and understanding as personal study evolves.


Assessment methods include:

  • presentation of a portfolio of work
  • reflective reports
  • study reports
  • essays
  • oral presentations

Semester 1

DJ51033 MFA1 (40 credits)

DJ51034 Artistic Writing and Research (20 credits)

Semester 2

DJ52034 MFA2 (40 credits)

And select 1 from

DJ52049 Drawing & Ecology (20 credits)

DJ52047 Making and Materiality (20 credits)

DJ52045 Experimental Writing Studio (20 credits)

Semester 3

DJ53011 MFA 3 (60 credits)

Core Modules

These modules are an essential part of your course.

Module code: DJ51033 Credits: 40 Semester: Semester 1

Optional Modules

You need to choose one or more of these modules as part of your course.

Module code: DJ52045 Credits: 20 Semester: Semester 2
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