Experimental Writing Studio module (DJ52045)

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Experimental Writing Studio emphasises student writing as 'practice' as indicated in the use of 'Studio' in the course title, providing students with examples of relevant excellent interdisciplinary practice. This module aims to enable and support students to examine and test experimental methods of writing within the academic framework. This module will advance a useful link between studio and critical studies, within DJCAD and further as this module is interdisciplinary in nature, understanding 'experimental writing' in an expanded sense, which would therefore appeal, and be useful to, students from across subject areas in DJCAD and throughout the School of Humanities.


One summative assessment of a portfolio totalling 3,000 words. There are two main components to the summative assessment:

  1. 2,000 word of 'experimental writing' utilising one of the methodologies outlined in the course (70% weighting)
  2. 1,000 word critical reflection on the chosen methodology in an analytical and theoretically appropriate manner (30% weighting)

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

Students should be able to:

  • Apply specialist knowledge and skill within the broader theoretical framework pertaining to experimental writing
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of experimental writing


Students should be able to:

  • Critically identify, conceptualise and execute a defined experimental writing project
  • Engage and present methods appropriate to experimental writing suitable for a professional audience

Convenor: Professor Maria Fusco


Lectures, practicums, group and one-to-one tutorials will support the students to develop and apply the technical skills with which to develop their original writing projects and the relevant theoretical frameworks to reflect critically. Lectures will present and explore experimental writing methodologies such as dramaturgy, experimental fiction, performative writing, site-writing etc. Practicums will unpack and apply these methodologies. Tutorials will discuss and support the students’ final submission portfolio.




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