Corporate Sustainability, Human Rights and ESG Law LLM

School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

From fake news and climate change to the gig economy, this course will help you understand the human rights impacts of business for your career

Start date
September 2024
12 months (full time)
Dundee City Campus

Achieving a sustainable global economy requires that businesses respect human rights. 

On this course you will learn about the legal regulation and practical tools needed to implement human rights in the marketplace.


Business and human rights expertise is increasingly in demand in legal practice and across established and new industrial sectors, finance, government, the media, and civil society organisations. On this course you will develop the skills and knowledge required to pursue a career in this emerging field.


This course combines legal knowledge with insights not just from Law but related disciplines, as well as real life practice.


You will be taught by internationally-recognised experts with experience of advising governments and international businesses, legal practice, and human rights advocacy


With a wide choice of optional modules and dissertation topics you can acquire specialised expertise on human rights issues in areas including:

  • corporate governance
  • international trade and investment law
  • mining
  • energy
  • climate change
  • water law

Students on the LLM Business and Human Rights may also take modules from the wide range of specialist courses at University of Dundee’s Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law & Policy (CEPMLP), offering opportunities to tailor their expertise in human rights to the oil and gas, renewable and mineral sectors.

“As an investment professional, I see growing demand for knowledge and skills business and human rights. Hiring people who know how to address human rights challenges is crucial for financial actors and the companies we invest in.”

John Howchin, Secretary-General, Council on Ethics for the Swedish national pension funds

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Course Coordinator

The Course Coordinator for this course is Claire Methven O’Brien. Claire is an internationally recognised expert in the field of business and human rights. She has more than a decade’s experience of providing expert advice on business and human rights law and policy to international and European institutions.

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Claire Methven O’Brien
“New laws are in development in many countries that will give companies a legal duty to respect human rights in their own business and in their supply chains. Lawyers, business people and regulators need to know what respect for human rights means in practice.”

Claire Methven O’Brien, Course Coordinator

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