Pagoda Projects internships for postgraduate Law students

Updated on 31 July 2023

Apply for a global internship if you are a postgraduate Law student at the University of Dundee

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You can apply to go on an eight week internship in collaboration with Pagoda Projects if you are on any of the following courses: 

  • Business & Human Rights LLM
  • Comparative & European Private International Law (Dual Qualifying – University of Toulouse) LLM
  • Comparative & European Private International Law LLM
  • Corporate & Commercial Law LLM
  • Environmental Law LLM
  • International Commercial Law (Dual Qualifying – CY Cergy Paris University) LLM
  • International Commercial Law LLM
  • Law (General) LLM

Internships are offered subject to academic and non-academic eligibility criteria set both internally and externally. Passport holders from some countries may not be eligible to apply for this programme but we will work with you to offer alternatives during your time in Dundee.

All the internships (remote and in-person) offered by Pagoda are for full time positions, Monday-Friday each week with the duration of the 8-weeks. The exact number of working hours each week will differ slightly between the different host companies and the role you’re able to secure.

How this will help with your CV

Employers overwhelmingly believe graduates who have an internship experience are more employable due to your increased experience of the workings of international companies and organisations.

An internship will give you increased cultural understanding, help you develop employability skills including time and project management skills, and help you to gain valuable international work experience.


You can join the Pagoda community of other internship holders through dedicated Skype contacts and Facebook groups. You will also have an English speaking tutor during your internship who will give you ongoing support and provide you with 24-hour emergency contact.

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