Discover how the universe behaves and how physics is used in many of the technologies that we use in our everyday lives

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Accredited courses

Our undergraduate courses are fully accredited the UK Institute of Physics

Part of the School of Science and Engineering, Physics offer excellent employment opportunities as well as a strong core physics education with an emphasis on transferable skills.

It is a fascinating subject which not only helps us to understand how the physical universe operates, but also underpins many of the technologies that we use in our everyday lives.‌


Pic of Dr Paul Campbell

Press Release

A University of Dundee physicist has won a prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Fellowship that will see him visit two of the world’s top universities to further his ambition of developing the next generation of science superstars.

Published on 6 March 2020

hadron collider


Researchers at Dundee are helping take the Large Hadron Collider at CERN – the world’s largest science experiment – to a new level with pioneering laser technology.

Published on 4 November 2019

The flat TV group in the anechoic chamber, 1970s, University of Dundee archives


The technology that made the ubiquitous LCD screen possible can be traced back to a former jute shed in Dundee

Published on 6 December 2018