University of Dundee Superannuation and Life Assurance Scheme (UoDSS)

Information and support about the UoDSS pension scheme.

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University of Dundee Superannuation and Life Assurance Scheme (UoDSS) is a legacy defined benefit pension scheme that are no longer open to new entrants but continue to serve existing members.

UoDSS closed to new entrants on 31 December 2022. New clerical, technical, manual, and support staff will be part of Royal London.

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The University of Dundee Superannuation & Life Assurance Scheme (UoDSS) closed to new entrants on 31/12/2022. The Defined Benefit (DB) scheme will remain open for existing active members on this date. However if a member of UoDSS leaves the University’s service and re-joins the University within a 12-week period, they will be able to re-join UoDSS and maintain their DB pension scheme benefits if they wish so and ask to do so. If you meet this criteria and you wish to re-join UoDSS please contact to request this. If no contact is made within the 12 week period or the break in service is more than 12 weeks, you will be offered the opportunity to join the Royal London Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme.

The University of Dundee Superannuation & Life Assurance Scheme (UoDSS) is a qualifying scheme as per automatic enrolment legislation, which means it meets or more than meets the government's minimum standards. The Scheme is governed by a Board of Trustee Directors.

Contributions and retirement age

Contributions 8.75% Employee
24.85% Employer + additional monthly lump sum contributions
Normal retirement age 65 – for benefits accrued up to 31/12/2022
66 – for benefits accrued from 01/01/2023
Minimum early retirement age 55
(Rising to 57 from April 2028)

UoDSS My Pocket Pension App

If you have received your My Pocket Pension App registration letter from Spence & Partners, you may find it helpful to tune into both of the demonstrations below to get you up and running:

The My Pocket Pension app (powered by Mantle) can be downloaded from the Apple or Google app store.

Factsheets and other information


Pensions Plus is a way to contribute to either the University Superannuation Scheme (USS) or the University of Dundee Superannuation Scheme (UoDSS).


The aim of this booklet is to give you an outline of the benefits available to you as a member of the Scheme.



If you have deferred benefits in another pension scheme, you have the opportunity of investigating the possibility of transferring these benefits to UoDSS.



The UoDSS newsletter will keep you up to date with the Scheme’s financial position and pension issues that may affect you.



This provides information on how the Trustees of UoDSS have followed their policy in relation to the exercising of rights and engagement activities


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