NHS Scheme for Scotland (NHSSS)

Information and support about the NHSS pension scheme.

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The national scheme for NHS employees is open to a very few members of University staff. 

Information on employee contribution rates

General information on NHSSS

New starts

Staff who meet the following criteria may be allowed to stay in the Scottish NHS Scheme.

To qualify you must:

  • have been contributing to the Scottish NHS Scheme within 12 months of joining the University
  • University contracts must be 'Lecturers', 'Clinical Academic/Researchers', ' Research Nurse', Research Pharmacist' or 'PhD students' within the 'Medical School' or 'Dentistry' or 'School of Life Sciences' - i.e. the contract held with the University must specify working within the Medical School or Dentistry or School of Life Sciences'.
  • Applied to join NHS within 3 months of joining the University

If you do not meet ALL these criteria, you will be opted into the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS).

For members who have a NHS 'added years contract' or are currently a member with NHS with another part-time post, please contact Pensions Office.


Normal retirement age

Normal Retirement Age is dependent on what section of NHS Superannuation Scheme you are in.

View step-by-step guide to retirement

Early retirement 55 from April 2010