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Updated on 6 October 2022

Pensions Plus is a way to contribute to either the University Superannuation Scheme (USS) or the University of Dundee Superannuation Scheme (UoDSS).

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The University is committed to making pension contributions work more efficiently.

Through the introduction of Pensions Plus, both you and the University can make savings which means contributing to either the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) or the University of Dundee Superannuation Scheme (UoDSS) is even more worthwhile. The savings made by the University will assist in meeting the increased costs of the final salary pension arrangements at the University.

For more information on Pensions Plus, please have a look at the Pensions Plus brochure below and the other supporting information.

The modeller provides you with a guide to the impact of Pensions Plus on your take home pay once National Insurance payments have been taken into account. Please select your pension scheme and the other details, in the boxes indicated. Then look at the impact on your take home pay.

Lifestyle events

In the context of Pensions Plus, these are events that will have a significant impact on your salary, for example, going on maternity leave, long term sick leave. These events would enable you to opt in or out of the Pensions Plus scheme outside the normal annual renewal cycle.

Please also note that in the event that your annualised salary falls below £6,500 you will automatically be opted out of the scheme.

Reference salary

Your salary before the Pensions Plus adjustment will be known as your reference salary. It is your reference salary that will be used to calculate any salary-related benefits and the amount upon which your retirement benefits will be calculated. It is also what will be used in personnel official letters e.g. mortgage letters, loan applications, job references etc.


Pensions Plus will not have any impact upon your state pension entitlement.

If you are earning above £10,000 per year and in receipt of any income related benefits Pensions Plus may have an impact (which could be positive or negative). In this case we would advise you to contact the tax credit helpline on 0345 300 3900.

Death in service benefits

Currently, for UoDSS members who die in service, their beneficiaries are entitled to a lump sum, a refund of member contributions with interest and a spouse's/dependant's pension from the UoDSS. Under Pensions Plus, the payment of the lump sum and the spouse's/dependant's pension will be paid in the usual way by the pension scheme, as will the refund of member's contributions. As a result of Pensions Plus there will therefore be no detriment to staff who die in service.



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