How to pay accommodation fees

Updated on 23 April 2022

Learn about the payment options available to you after you have paid your initial Advance Rental Payment

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Have you received an email asking you for payment?

You'll need to have completed the steps in how to apply for accommodation before you can pay.

Advanced rental payment

The advanced rental payment is not a traditional deposit - the amount is taken off your fees for the rest of the year. To pay the advance rental payment, log on to eVision to access My Balance

  • go to the Your payment options section
  • select Make a pre-payment/deposit
  • then follow instructions provided

After the initial advance rental payment has been made you have the following payment options:

  • payment in full by online payment or bank transfer
  • instalments in 8 monthly direct debits for a standard 52 weeks Residences Contract or 4 monthly direct debits for a one semester contract

Payment in full must be made or an instalment payment plan set up by the due date detailed in your Residences Contract otherwise a late payment fee of 3.5% will be added to the amount due.

The precise level of the late payment fee depends upon the amount of your accommodation fees. For example, an overdue fee of £4,500 will incur a late payment fee of £157.50.

Late payments

Enquiries concerning payment or late payment should be directed to the Cash Office by email

If you require financial support, please speak to the Student Funding Unit.

You can make payment of your accommodation fees by any of the methods detailed below.

My Balance

We will email you to let you know when your Residence fee invoice is available on your account, when it is due for payment within 7 days or becomes overdue, it is therefore essential that you regularly check your University email account for our correspondence.

Once you have received an email from us confirming that your Residence invoice is available online, log on to your eVision account and click on My Balance.

Select the button ‘Make a payment or choose payment plan’ which offers the following options –

  • View items you can pay now – full payment by debit or credit card
  • View items you can pay by instalments - Paperless Direct Debit (Instalment plan). Fees of £400 or more can be paid by instalments from your UK bank account. The direct debit instalment plan consists of 8 equal monthly payments for a standard or 52 weeks Residences Contract and 4 monthly direct debits for a one semester contract

Once you’ve decided which option is right for you just follow the instructions on the screen.

Full payment can also be made by International or UK bank transfer. Information on paying by bank transfer is given below.

International Bank Transfer

If you do not have a UK bank account you can pay your fees and deposits securely in your own currency through your own bank account, with no currency conversion fees, bank charges and with beneficial exchange rates. Visit both the links shown below and find the best rates for you:

UK Bank Transfer

Payment can be made from your UK bank account.

If you choose to pay the University by bank transfer then your bank will require the following information:

Currency and amount

Currency and amount - you must quote the GBP residence fee amount

Payment details

it is important that we can identify whose fees are being paid when the money is received into our bank account therefore please quote your full name beginning with your family name and please also state your University student ID number.

Beneficiary’s name

The University of Dundee

Beneficiary’s address

Nethergate, Dundee, DD1 4HN, UK


The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, 3 High St, Dundee, DD1 9LY, UK

Sort Code


Account Number






UK Bank Transfer Important Information

You must also instruct your bank that all charges (including those of the beneficiary’s bank) are paid by the sender. Any difference between the Residences Fee and the amount received will have to be settled at the Cash Office. Please retain your copy of the bank transfer document as it may be necessary for you to prove to the University authorities that you have made the correct payment.

Direct Debit Instalments

A direct debit is a regular automated payment from a UK bank account direct to the University’s bank account in payment of your fees. The direct debit instalment plan consists of 8 equal monthly payments for standard or 52 week contracts. There are 4 equal monthly payments available for one semester contracts.

In order to set up a direct debit see section above 1. My Balance

Once the direct debit has been set up on our system you will receive an email with details of the amount and payment date of each monthly instalment before the first payment is due to be taken from your bank account. Before completing the form, you must ensure the following:

  • The bank account is a UK bank account
  • The account is a current account (direct debits cannot be set up on savings accounts)
  • You have sufficient funds in your account to meet each payment as it falls due

In the event that you default on one of the payments due under your instalment plan, the University reserves the right to cancel the Direct Debit Instruction and your fees will become due in full immediately. You should also note that a late fee will be applied when a Direct Debit Instruction is cancelled.



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