Nursery welcome booklet and policies

Find out about general day to day life and the range of policies for the nursery

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Welcome booklet

Welcome to the University of Dundee Nursery. This booklet is to provide you with some basic information about the daily life of the nursery.
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Nursery policies


How we ensure our nursery is prepared for all weather conditions that might affect the running of the nursery such as floods, snow and heat waves.


The procedures the University Nursery follows when dealing with biting behaviours.


How the University Nursery handles and uses personal information. This applies to employees and individuals, as well as other partners and companies who do business with the Nursery.


How the University Nursery ensures that the children in our care are protected from accidents and injury.


How we aim to promote an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated, and prejudice and discrimination are challenged through positive reinforcement.

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