Nursery conflict resolution with parents who may be challenging policy

Updated on 19 April 2023

How the University Nursery handles situations where parents may become aggressive or abusive.

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At The University of Dundee Nursery Ltd we believe that we have a strong partnership with our parents and an open-door policy to discuss any matters arising.

In the unlikely event that a parent starts to act in an aggressive or abusive way at the nursery, our policy is to:

  • Direct the parent away from the children and into a private area such as the office (where appropriate).
  • Ensure that a second member of staff is in attendance, where possible, whilst continuing to ensure the safe supervision of the children.
  • Act in a calm and professional way, ask the parent to calm down and make it clear that we do not tolerate aggressive or abusive language or behaviour.
  • Contact the police if the behaviour escalates
  • Once the parent calms down, the member of staff will then listen to their concerns and respond appropriately.
  • An incident form will be completed detailing the time, reason and action taken.
  • Management/Nursery Director will provide any support and reassurance that staff may need following the experience, and seek further support where necessary.
  • Management will also signpost parents to further support where applicable.
  • Staff will protect the privacy of the children in our care and ensure that information regarding the incident is kept confidentially.

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Date policy adopted 7 October 2022
Signed on behalf of Nursery Jacky Jones, Senior Manager,

Malgorzata Mazanka, Junior Manager
Date for review 7 October 2023

Jacky Jones

Nursery Manager

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