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Updated on 24 October 2022

The University Nursery's admission criteria and order of priorities

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At The University of Dundee Nursery Ltd we are registered with the Care Inspectorate to care for up to 129 children between the ages of Birth to 5 years. 89 Children can be cared for in Airlie Place with a further 40 in DUSA

The above is in accordance with the legal space requirements from the Care Inspectorate and is the overriding policy in respect of admissions.

The nursery will use the following admission criteria, which will be applied in the following order of priority:

  1. Students attending The University of Dundee
  2. Staff working for The University of Dundee
  3. Families meeting the criteria for funded 2-year-olds
  4. Students / Staff of Abertay University
  5. Any who do not fit into the above criteria

We operate an inclusion and equality policy and ensure that all children have access to nursery places and services irrespective of their gender, race, disability, religion or belief or sexual orientation of parents.

Prior to a child attending nursery, parents must complete and sign a contract and registration forms. These forms provide the nursery with personal details relating to the child. For example, name, date of birth, address, emergency contact details, parental responsibilities, dietary requirements, collection arrangements, fees and sessions, contact details for parents, doctor’s contact details, health visitor contact details, allergies, parental consent and vaccinations, etc.

Providers eligible to provide government funded places for early education

All settings are required to register with the Care Inspectorate and receive a regular joint inspection by the Care Inspectorate and HM Inspectorate of Education before they can offer funded pre-school education places. The Nursery is in partnership with Dundee City Council to provided funded spaces to eligible children aged 3 – 5 years and those aged 2 years who meet the set criteria.


Date policy adopted

24 October 2022

Signed on behalf of the nursery

Jacky Jones Senior Manager

Malgorzata Mazanka Junior Manager

Date for review

24 October 2023



Jacky Jones

Nursery Manager

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