Politics and Public Policy module (PO11001)

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Module Aims

The aims of this module are: 

  • To provide a general introduction to the study of politics
  • To assess the power of governmental and non-governmental institutions in the UK and their impact on public policy making processes and outcomes
  • To offer an introduction to public policy making in the United Kingdom (UK)

Module Details

This module introduces students to the study of politics and the specific case of the UK. The first part of the module examines the main institutions that constitute and shape political interaction in the UK. Examination of devolution and the Brexit process serve to highlight hugely significant recent changes to the British constitution.

The second part of the module looks in turn at selected examples of public policy and in each case focuses on the contemporary situation whilst examining examples from the past where relevant.   

Teaching sessions will cover:

  • The electorate, political parties and the Westminster parliament
  • The executive: the civil service, cabinet, ministers and the crown
  • Local government
  • The judiciary and the constitution
  • Interest groups and mobilisation
  • Political parties
  • The media
  • Devolution
  • Britain, the European Union and Brexit
  • Public policy case studies, such as foreign and defence policy; law and order policy; economic policy; and, social policy and the welfare state


This module consists of 20 lectures (two per week) and 10 weekly tutorials.


The module has two assessed components:

  • Essay 1 – weighted 45%
  • Essay 2 – weighted 55%

Intended Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding

  • Knowledge of political institutions and processes
  • Knowledge of why public policy making is potentially controversial
  • An understanding of the rationale behind constitutional change in the UK


  • The ability to make use of a wide range of cognitive, practical and key skills including transferable skills, including the specific skill of referencing (use of the Harvard system)
  • The ability to engage with and critically evaluate different explanations and to offer an informed opinion on a particular topic

Indicative Reading

Jones, B., Norton, P., and Daddow, O. (eds) (2018) Politics UK, Ninth Edition, (Abingdon: Routledge).


20 credits


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