Gender, Sexuality, Culture module (HU21001)

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  • Level 2
  • Semester 1
  • School of Humanities
  • Coursework 100%


This introductory survey of gender studies and sexuality aims to inform students of the main origins, topics, and concerns within the wide field of gender and sexuality studies today. Through a combination of different types of texts, including theory, history, comics, film, and literature, the key debates and streams will be given voice. The relations of gender and sexuality to race, class, and the environment will all be explored.


Dr Johanna Linsley


Weekly topics may reflect some student input but will generally include:

  • What is gender?
  • Feminist philosophies
  • Sex, gender, and sexuality — what they all might mean
  • Transgenderism, intersex, and heteronormativeities
  • “Deviant” sexualities in history
  • Queer theory, in/visibility, and performance
  • Comics and minority sexualities
  • The Lavender Screen
  • Fiction, memoir, and creative writing as documentation
  • Intersections with race, class, and the environment
  • Interactions with medical science and technologies


  • 35% Assessed Task (short essay of c. 1000 words)
  • 55% Assessed Task (short essay of c. 2000 words)
  • 10% Assessed activity (weekly activities / worksheets set by seminar instructor)


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