Scottish Historical Studies MA (Hons)

School of Humanities

Study social, cultural, and political history from the early modern period to the contemporary period, with a focus on Scotland and its place in the world

Date of entry

September 2022



Start date

September 2022


4 years

Study mode

Full Time


Dundee City Campus

Discover the history of the Highlands and Islands, learn about early Scottish politics, research original manuscripts from the 1600s, and critically analyse Scottish involvement in the transatlantic slave trade. You can also explore the relationship between Scottish and British nationalisms from 1707 to the present day.

Our emphasis is very much on 'doing history'. You'll use primary sources from the very beginning of your studies, and analyse various kinds of historical evidence, including written and oral materials, maps, visual images, feature films, art, and music.

Before specialising at Levels 3 and 4, you'll study Scottish history alongside British, Irish, American, European, and global history from the early modern period through to the contemporary period.

Our modules cover broad topics, including Scottish literature, where you will consider how the use of sources and the media informs our reconstructions of the past.

You will reflect critically on key debates in history, looking at how they have developed over time, and how they have shaped our understanding of the world. You'll also learn how historians 'make' history, and evaluate their roles in today's public life, media, and the heritage industry.

You'll benefit from our close links with the University's Archives, Records Management, and Museum Services, and be able to examine many original documents first hand.

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