Approaches to Reading module (EN12014)

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  • Level 1
  • Semester 2
  • English - School of Humanities
  • Coursework 100%


Loosely based on Bennett’s and Royle’s Introduction to Literature, Criticism and Theory, the module will introduce weekly themes that match core theoretical and literary that are mutually illustrative. Themes are likely to include: The Author, The Reader, The Uncanny, Performance, Feeling, The Body, Racial Difference, War, with others available flexibly according to staff availability and expertise. Literary texts are likely to include work by Milton, Beckett, Tennyson, Angela Carter, Perkins Gillman, among others. It is expected that core texts will change in minor ways depending on themes and staff availability.


Dr Tim Morris


  • 2 x Essays 50% each

Module Aims

  • To develop on skills introduced in EN11001 by introducing a wide-range of literary texts, alongside key critical questions arising from them, and explanatory of them
  • To introduce students to the application of theoretical texts to literary work, based on key themes with wide application
  • To encourage students to think and write about the value and importance of theoretical thinking to literary interpretation
  • To develop skills of collaboration and essay-writing

Intended learning outcomes

  • show knowledge and understanding of the core texts and some ability to relate them to their period and cultural contexts
  • demonstrate a growing facility in analysing literary language and form
  • be able to accurately and clearly apply theoretical approaches to a variety of literary texts
  • show awareness of the critical debates surrounding these texts
  • develop a range of subject-specific and generic skills of value in graduate - employment, including high-order critical, analytic and research skills, and advanced competence in oral and written communication


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