Brand Management and Strategy module (BU52039)

Learn about the core concepts, strategies and skills required to manage a brand.

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The module is addressing the key concepts in branding and brand management. The aim of the module is to help you develop critical skills required for the strategic management of brands and brand portfolios. The module introduces you to the core concepts of branding and provides a wide range of analytical tools and frameworks for the analysis and management of brands. You will understand how these analytical models and techniques might be applied, resulting in improved branding performance.

On completion of this module the successful students will be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

  • critically evaluate the conceptual foundations of brand management and strategy
  • critically assess the challenges inherent in managing a portfolio of brands
  • critically analyse a brand’s positioning

Subject-specific practical and intellectual skills and attributes

  • apply a wide range of analytical tools and frameworks for the analysis of brands
  • exercise managerial judgement in making strategic branding decisions such as brand extensions, brand internationalization, and brand architecture

Transferable, employability and enterprise skills and attributes

  • cooperate in group-based activities and apply theoretical concepts and models, with a view to providing practical market-focused solutions.

Assignments / assessment

There are two pieces of assessed work, both of them designed to enhance particular brand management skills preparing you for the role of a Marketing Consultant:

Individual Strategic Brand Plan (70%)

  • demands in-depth analysis and application of theoretical concepts to compose a Brand Mgt Plan for a real-life company.

Group Presentation on Brand Extension (30%)

  • demands collaboration within a diverse team to present to a real-life client a proposal for the extension of their brand to new audiences.

Formative feedback will be given orally throughout the semester while engaging in class discussions and ongoing group work. It may include the presentation of work in progress to your peers as well as comments from the Tutor. Written feedback on the coursework will also be provided accompanying the coursework marks.

Teaching methods / timetable

The module follows a blended learning approach. Active learning is at the core and as an active learner, you will engage with the module in various ways, including (but not limited to) interactive lectures, student-led tutorials, assigned readings and other multimedia learning materials, collaborative group work, and guided independent research.

Students will often have weekly readings and/or short exercises to prepare and will be encouraged to read in advance and participate actively in the discussions.

Indicative content:

  • Definitions of brand and branding
  • Critical issues in brand management and strategy
  • Brand identity, brand equity, and brand architecture
  • Brand extensions and managing brand portfolios
  • Strategic and managerial branding challenges
  • Contemporary issues: use of social media
  • Contemporary issues: the globalisation of brands
  • Ethical dimensions of branding


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