Macroeconomic Analysis module (BU30017)

Learn to explain short and long term behaviours/macroeconomic models, to critically assess policy and understand the impact when assumptions are not correct.

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Using analytic tools and macroeconomic models you will learn how behaviours change based on short or long term decision making.

With these assumptions you will then explore government policy and understand the impact when assumptions are not correct.

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • learn the basic concepts of macroeconomics and the circular flow of income
  • understand business cycles, income determination and the goods market
  • explore income determination and the IS-LM equilibrium
  • explore equilibrium in the open economy (The Mundell-Fleming model)
  • discuss post-crash economics

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • apply core economic theory and models in a logical manner
  • understand economic problems, solving both abstract and practical problems
  • understand and interpret numerical and graphical data
  • research published work to review and discuss
  • assess the performance of both economic institutions and economies

Assignments / assessment

  • Coursework 1 (20%)
  • Coursework 2 (20%)
  • Final exam (60%)

Teaching methods / timetable

You should expect a combination of weekly in-person lectures and workshops alongside your own guided independent study.

There are 11 weeks of teaching. For this module, the exact dates of teaching and/or reading weeks are to be confirmed.


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