Business Law module (BU22001)

Learn about the main legal principles that affect businesses in Scotland and other parts of the United Kingdom.

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Business professionals will encounter many different types of complex business problems in their working environment. While some of these problems will be business-based, others will be more diverse, and a resolution might only be possible with the help of different types of professionals, for example, lawyers.

Consequently, business professionals need to understand the many legal principles that impact business to know how to fulfil their legal responsibilities and identify when a problem might require interdisciplinary support.

This module provides that basic understanding and helps students develop the necessary skills to formulate a logical argument in response to a legal challenge.

What you will learn

Various aspects of accountancy and finance are subject to legal regulation. This module concentrates on the legal environment of business entities.

  • The first part of the module focuses on the sources of Scots Law, the Scottish legal system, agency, partnership, and company law.
  • The second part of the module introduces the students to delict, contract law, employment law, and recent legal developments affecting the business.

Assignments / assessment

Online assessment (20%)

  • Multiple choice test, based on materials delivered in weeks 1-7
  • Given in week 8

Written exam (80%)

  • A closed-book exam, based on materials delivered in weeks 1-10
  • During the examination period

Teaching methods / timetable

This module's total scheduled contact time is 35 hours, which will be delivered using a combination of lectures and tutorials.

Each student will have three lectures and one tutorial per week.

All of the teaching materials will be made available before the classes, and you will be expected to attempt some examples before each tutorial. As such, we estimate that students will need to commit 12-15 hours of independent study per week to complete all of the module's assessment tasks.

Week Topics
1 The Scottish legal system
2 Agency and Partnership
3 The formation and constitution of a limited company
4 Corporate Governance
5 The capital of a limited company
6 Reading week
7 Delict
8 Employment Law
9 Contract Law
10 Recent legal developments



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