Stem Cells in Development and Disease module (BS42008)

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The aim of this module is to provide a specialised insight into advanced cell and developmental biology, through the prism of stem cell biology. This module will extend and build on your knowledge gained in Level 1 -3 and will provide plenty of opportunities for you to engage in, as well as critically appraise and evaluate, cutting edge research in highly topical cell and developmental biology subjects in normal and disease physiologies.

You will cover the basics of what stem cells are: The molecular mechanisms required to maintain them or allow them to differentiate into different lineages. In that context we will cover embryonic and adult stem cells in both endogenous and disease states.

Example lectures: Introduction to stem cells Embryonic stem cells, Epigenetic regulation in stem cells, Reprogramming/iPS cells Asymmetric cell division, Tissue stem cells Stem cells during development.


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