Biomedical Sciences BSc (Hons)

School of Life Sciences

Learn about the research and investigatory side of human health and disease, and explore how we can tackle improving human health in the 21st century.

Date of entry

September 2024

Start date
September 2024
4 or 3 years
Dundee City Campus

Biomedical Sciences examine the function of the human body, in both healthy and diseased scenarios. It also examines the body from the molecular level to full body systems.

They are the sciences that support medicine and research and help us understand the ways in which to prevent and treat disease.

We’re ranked top 10 in the UK for Biomedical Sciences by the National Student Survey 2022.

Our course curriculum is shaped by the work of our world-leading researchers to make sure you’re learning the latest advances.

You will benefit from the flexibility that our course offers. You have the opportunity to pick modules that interest you. You can also transfer to a different life sciences degree, such as neuroscience, pharmacology or physiology, if you choose the relevant modules.

The first two years of the biomedical sciences degree will cover core concepts such as:

  • genetics
  • cell biology
  • biological organisation
  • molecular mechanisms and processes

You will develop your practical skills such as laboratory skills, data analysis, and experiment design. This will prepare you for designing and carrying out projects later in your course.

In years three and four, you’ll focus on more detailed aspects of biomedical science. You’ll also carry out a semester long research project based around one chosen area of the current world-class research in Life Sciences.

Professional accreditation

Royal Society of Biology

This degree is accredited by the Royal Society of Biology.

Adele Valentova
“The internship equipped me with invaluable skills and experience, positioning me well for future applications to further education. I cannot recommend it enough as it proved to be an exceptional experience, greatly fuelling my motivation to pursue studies in the field of cancer research.”

Adele Valentova, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences student 2023/24

Traineeships and internships

We offer a range of lab-based research traineeships and industry internships, as well as opportunities in other countries, all giving you invaluable experience and boosting your career opportunities.

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Top 10 in UK for Biomedical Sciences (non-specific)

National Student Survey 2022

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