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The Just Transition Hub promotes interdisciplinary research, teaching and scholarship on issues related to just transition to a lower carbon economy. Bringing together the academic and non-academic communities, the Hub enables the development of alternative epistemologies and methodological approaches to inform research, teaching and practices on just transition.

Main activities

The Just Transition Hub organises and hosts the following activities

  • Annual International Symposium on Just Transition, which brings speakers from within and outside of the academia, from across the globe, to discuss new methodological approaches and topics of relevance to increase critical mass and inform transformative practices.
  • TERRAE Workshops, which bring civil society and academics to debate specific problems within the theme of just transition to a lower carbon economy.
  • Education for Just Transition, which is an ongoing research project with the objective of thinking and developing pedagogies for just transition.

Coming events

TERRAE workshops will launch in the first semester of 2022 and the 2022 Annual Symposium will address the topic of “Just Transition after COP26” and will be held via live webcast. Details of all activities and dates will be released soon.

Past events

The 2021 Annual Symposium, on ‘New Approaches to Just Transition’, was organized by the Dundee Just Transition Hub via live webcast on 25th June 2021. The symposium brought together over 20 panellists and 200 attendees from different parts of the world and from different backgrounds ranging from academia, NGOs, and UN agencies. The symposium was structured to review many aspects of the conversations surrounding just transition. The first panel addressed the different methodological approaches to just transition and here, thoughts of how the research on just transition could benefit from some of the methods used in human rights were highlighted. The second panel spoke about the global experiences of just transition policies where different speakers from different parts of the world shared national experiences of the transition. The third panel focused on the different tools to implement a just transition where different strategies and policies to implement a just transition were discussed. The fourth panel concluded by exploring the critical perspectives of the just transition.

‘New Approaches to Just Transition Launch’ Friday 25 June 9-5pm

The Symposium has two components: in the morning, we will discuss methodology, and in the afternoon, we will have three panels with seven lightening talks each delivered by academics from all over the world, with space for Q&A.

For details of the panels, with abstracts of the presentations and information about the speakers, please download the brochure.

New Approaches brochure

All seminars and workshops will be delivered online, and they will be open to academics and professionals from within and outside the University of Dundee.

Why have a just transition hub?

One of the greatest challenges of our time is how society develops a low-carbon economy. Our world is at risk of runaway climate change and for many there is a climate emergency. The solution is to develop low-carbon economies around the world. However, these must happen in a ‘just’ way where equity, equality, fairness, and inclusiveness are features of this transition.

In this context, Governments around the world are bringing in policy on the just transition. Here in the UK that is happening, more locally in Scotland where a national Just Transition Commission has been established. Further the British Academy has declared that a just transition is vital to society and is actively promoting research on the issue with ambitious plans for research growth in the area.

Despite all this increasing attention that the topic of just transition receives, despite the wakening of politicians to the topic, despite the increasing literature, there is a lack of proper attention to the need of new interdisciplinary, epistemological, and methodological approaches for both research and education for just transition. The lack of attention to the need for new approaches impact on the potential of the research and teaching on the topic. To an extent, this derives from the fact that too many scholars from outside of the energy community have not realized the importance of the topic for their own research, and that teachers have not realized the importance of incorporating the topic to pedagogical resources.

The Hub aims at increasing critical mass about the topic and, what is more, at answering this extremely important question: Which new research and teaching approaches are needed to respond to the ubiquity of just transition?

Want to learn more about just transition?

The following papers will help you understand the main aspects of the academic debate about just transition:





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  • Naiara C N de Souza
  • John O’Boyle


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