We offer a professional and friendly service to all international students and their families, providing specialist advice on a range of matters relating to immigration and practical guidance when living and studying in the UK


Information and guidance on coronavirus


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  • offer information and provide confidential advice
  • provide specialist immigration advice and assistance with visa extensions, dependants and visit visas with visa workshops and presentations throughout the year
  • advise on working during and after your studies
  • provide a range of information guides and leaflets
  • arrange several social and culture events over the year
  • host an international mailing list to provide you with news of events, opportunities and immigration updates
  • provide links to international hospitality schemes and community groups, including the Dundee Rotary Club
  • offer support for international families

The International Student Adviser is Susan Scott who is assisted by Pit Fender. Please call at the Enquiry Centre, Campus Green, or you can obtain a quick response to your query, by email.

If a meeting is required arising from your query, you will be allocate a date and time. Please attend on time and bring any necessary documentation with you. If you are unable to attend, please inform us of this so that the appointment can be given to another student.

Guidance on applying for  Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa: https://www.gov.uk/tier-1-graduate-entrepreneur-visa

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Do you need help with English language? 

Once you have begun your course, you can develop your English language with our 10 week programme. It is also free to all international students. You will need to take a placement test so we can provide you with appropriate support.

Studying in another language is challenging. With this programme we will do all we can to help you. The programme is extra curricula to your degree studies.

Students attending the Insessional programme may choose from the following classes:

  • academic writing
  • academic speaking
  • academic listening and note taking
  • language development
  • vocabulary building
  • pronunciation
  • grammar review

Visit the English for International Students website

Download the British Council document "Safety first - Making sure your visit to the UK is safe and enjoyable"