Travel guidance for international students

Updated on 7 July 2023

Guidance for international students returning to the University of Dundee from overseas.

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Can I travel back to the UK?

You must have immigration permission to enter the UK. This may include an existing valid Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card or a visa vignette in your passport.

BRP cards

  • If you have a valid BRP card, you can use it to enter the UK provided it will remain valid on your entry date and cover you for the remainder of your studies.
  • If you have been on a break from your studies for 60 days or more, please contact us so we can confirm if your immigration status is still valid by emailing
  • If you require a new CAS this will only be issued if your School confirms that there will be face to face teaching.


  • If you have an entry clearance vignette (yellow sticker in your passport) that is still valid, you may use it to enter the UK. If it has expired, you can follow the steps in the “Expired Vignette” section to apply for a replacement.

EU Students

  • If you are an EU student, your visa may be held digitally. In that case, your immigration permission can be shared by generating a link using the website below:

    View and prove your immigration status

Expired vignette sticker

You can extend the validity of your entry clearance vignette sticker in your passport if it is expired or will soon expire. You won’t need to make a new student visa application. 

Vignette lost/stolen/damaged/expired outside the UK

You will have to pay £154 for this new application and provide your biometric information again, but you will not have to submit a new Student visa application. 

You will need to apply online for a Transfer of conditions (vignette transfer).

You should select the following options:   

  • Confirm your visa type: BRP Vignette Transfer
  • Category of application: To transfer or replace your visa (vignette)
  • In the additional information section you should explain that you have been granted a Student route visa to study in the UK but you need a new 30-day vignette as you have not been able (or will not be able) to travel to the UK before the end of the 30-day vignette that you have been issued; or because your vignette has been damaged, lost or stolen. 

You must collect your BRP within 10 working days of entry to the UK, or before the vignette expires, whichever is later. 

International Advice Service

For more information contact the International Advice Service