Why is Steve Biko's remarkable legacy often overlooked? - Dr Matthew Graham in The Conversation

"While Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, and Desmond Tutu are rightly venerated for their role in opposing and ending white minority rule in South Africa, another leader of the liberation years has been remarkably overlooked: Bantu Steven Biko, who led the enormously influential Black Consciousness Movement. Four decades after his death in police custody on September 12 1977, he deserves to be recognised as one of the towering her...

Take pity on forensic scientists, crime writers make their lives a nightmare - Dr Aliki Varvogli in The Conversation

"These days, forensic scientists are one of the great staples of the crime fiction genre.  They are integral to everything from popular TV franchises to blockbuster names like Patricia Cornwell and Jeffrey Deaver.  There is also something about their incredible achievements that we often overlook: they are often a long way from the reality."  Dr Aliki Varvogli, Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Dun...

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AHRI Philosophy Seminar featuring Dr Constantinos Athanasopoulos

Dr Constantinos Athanasopoulos will present this week's AHRI Seminar on the topic of "Hesychia vs. Quietude: St Gregory Palamas and L.Wittgenstein on the escapist and futile misconceptions of ontological salvation and metaphysical hinges".

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Undergraduate Open Day

A University-wide undergraduate Open Day for visitors and potential applicants.

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AHRI History Seminar featuring Dr Shabnum Tejani

Dr Shabnum Tejani will present this week's AHRI Seminar on the topic of "Beef Wars: Secularism and a History of Being Offended in India, 1893, 2017".

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