Expanding understanding of the world's culture and creativity through critical reflection and practice in history, literature, comics, film, creative writing, philosophy, modern languages, and archival education

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We are the home of Scotland's highly flexible liberal arts degree, combining a broad-based education with the opportunity to specialise
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Black Lives Matter

Following the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement, activists have encouraged us all to educate ourselves on black history, and anti-racist struggles amongst the key issues raised by the protests
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We conduct pioneering cross-disciplinary research and teaching in the Creative Economy. We combine close ties to the local community with international impact, reflecting and contributing to the dynamism of a transforming city.

Humanities prides itself on its world class and research-driven commitment to promoting the critical understanding of culture and society through interdisciplinary linkages across its full range of subjects.

We demonstrate such commitment to excellence across its discipline areas via research clusters focused on Comic Studies, Continental Philosophy, Global History, and Scottish Culture.

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To his detractors, he has ridden roughshod over human rights and set back the cause of women and minorities by decades. But to his tens of millions of supporters, Donald Trump is the plain-speaking everyman who will Make America Great Again.

Published on 16 November 2018

Press release

A hitherto undiscovered civilisation living beneath the River Tay are set to emerge from their aquatic asylum and deliver their verdict on our species when the University of Dundee hosts the UK’s national celebration of the humanities later this year

Published on 4 July 2019

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