Promotions to Principal Investigator for Didier Ndeh and Ralitsa Madsen

Published on 23 April 2024

Didier Ndeh and Ralitsa Madsen have been promoted to Principal Investigator positions within the School of Life Science, following recent Roundtable Interviews.

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Didier is part of the Division of Plant Sciences based at the James Hutton Institute and has a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. His lab aims to understand the genetic and molecular basis of complex glycan metabolism and function in health and disease and how this knowledge can be exploited to improve plant, microbial, human health and the bioeconomy. 

Didier said, “It is a great honor becoming a Principal Investigator within the internationally recognized School of Life Sciences of the University of Dundee. I am immensely thankful for the unwavering support I have received throughout this period from staff, students, and mentors.”

Ralitsa’s Lab will continue to be based within the MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit where she will pursue pioneering research, aimed at understanding the context-dependent regulation of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) network and how this links to human diseases, including cancer and overgrowth syndromes, employing advanced quantitative and computational approaches.

Ralitsa currently holds a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship and is applying for additional Fellowship funding to support her future work.

Ralitsa says “I am delighted to be part of the MRC PPU and the vibrant community within the School of Life Sciences. I would especially like to thank my mentors, colleagues and students for all their support in this process!”

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