When to use the VPN

Updated on 24 November 2023

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows staff who are offsite, or are working from home to access certain University systems

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The VPN is a software application that, when active, connects your machine to the University network as if you were on-campus. This allows you to access certain applications when off-site or at home.

Installing the VPN 

If you are using a Windows 10 One Dundee desktop the VPN is already installed, you'll find it in your start menu called "‘Connect Tunnel VPN". If you are using another device there are guides to install it

When to use the VPN

The VPN is a critical piece of infrastructure and we have a limited number of licences.

Only use it if you really need it, and disconnect when you are finished.

Many staff may not need to use the VPN at all. Most of our applications are available over a normal internet connection, or via your normal username and password using multi factor authentication.

Some examples of when you may need the VPN are below.

No extra authentication needed

  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Office desktop applications

Multi factor authentication

  • Microsoft 365 web apps (Outlook on the web)
  • OneDrive
  • My Dundee
  • eVision
  • OneUniversity
  • Learning Spaces
  • Turnitin
  • Collaborate
  • Library resources

VPN required 

  • Specialist services in labs
  • Direct access to servers 
  • Other specialist systems - always try to connect without before you turn on the VPN

Help us keep everyone online

In the past, you may have used the VPN when you didn't need to. Please think about other users and do not use it unless you really have to.

  • Ebooks and library resources will often have an "institution login" link that will allow you to log in using your normal username and password. If you cannot work out how to access a resource please email the library to ask advice.
  • If you have used the VPN because you had difficulties with Multi Factor Authentication, look at using the Microsoft Authenticator app to either generate codes or send push notification rather than text message codes. If you have changed mobile number contact the service desk who can reset your MFA settings.

Following this advice will help fellow staff and students who need the VPN to do their work to get access without causing issues.

Don't forget

Always disconnect from the VPN when you are finished using it