Connect to SonicWall VPN on Linux

How to install and use the VPN to get remote access to secure services on your Linux device. The VPN is only for use when off campus.

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You may not need to use the VPN

Find out when you need to use it before connecting as many of our services no longer require the VPN

How to install

No exact instruction that covers all Linux distributions is available, so we’ve provided the essential details. You must have Java installed for the VPN to work. Ensure this is installed prior to installing the VPN.

  1. Go to the Dundee University VPN access portal
  2. Select Dundee University from the drop-down list and click Next
  3. Enter your University login details (full username including and click OK

If you have a username that doesn’t include your ID number (students) or end with a number (staff), make sure you enter it correctly.

  1. Click Install Connect Tunnel to download the tar file
  2. Extract the downloaded tar file and run the installer as the root user (see screenshot of successful install below)
linux vpn installation

How to connect

Use startct to start Connect Tunnel (requires java) or startctui to run the Connect Tunnel graphical interface (requires java)

The first time you use it you may be asked for some or all of the following information:

  • Select Dundee University in the Configuration field and click Connect
  • Enter Dundee University in the Name field
  • Enter in the Server field
  • Click Save then Connect to add the configuration

The VPN client will remember these details the next time you launch it.

Enter your University login (as described above) and click Connect

Disconnect from the VPN

Remember to disconnect from the VPN when you have finished using it. 


Last updated

18 September 2020