Change and manage MFA setup

Updated on 29 December 2020

It's best if you add alternative contact methods right after setup. If you get a new mobile device, update your settings and change to using the mobile app when travelling overseas.

On this page

To get your second login factor a different way or have it sent to a different device:

  1. go to
  2. under default sign-in method click or tap change
  3. change your preferred option in the drop-down
  4. click save

If you've only ever received your code by text, but are moving to the mobile app experience, you will have to configure the Microsoft Authenticator app as part of the process.

I've got a new smart phone / tablet

If you have a new device, or are switching from iOS to Android or vice-versa, make sure you set up your new phone with Microsoft Authenticator before you erase your old device. You'll need your old device to sign in

I've got a new phone number

If you have a new number, make sure you add this before closing your account. Once your new number is working, you should delete the old one for security.

If you have lost your old phone and no longer have access to your old number you will need to request to reset your multi-factor authentication.

Add additional contact methods

Leave the default sign-in method as it is / don't change it if you're just adding details, rather than changing your MFA setup entirely.

Add an alternative authentication number (make sure it's different to your authentication phone number), that way if your primary authentication device is lost or stolen, you can still get into your account.

Add details for another verification option to ensure you can use the sign-in another way feature on the login page, should you ever need to.


View the Microsoft help guides for more information on how to manage your settings.

Go to to change your setup