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Updated on 13 April 2021

You need to complete the Graduation registration process and provide the University with an address so that we can send your degree certificate in the post to you

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Registration now available

You can now register for your online Graduation Celebration Event and degree certificate. Check the instructions below then sign in to eVision to register.

You should assume you are going to pass your exams and register before the deadline. This will help make sure your graduation celebration goes as smooth as possible.

Registration deadline

Friday 14 May 2021

Staff who are also students need to use their student eVision account to access the graduation task.

Your email and eVision accounts will remain active for you to register.

1 - Complete the eVision task

  • Log in to eVision and check for the Graduation task (not available yet)
  • Start the task
  • Let us know whether you would like to take part in the online school celebration event in July and provide your publicity preferences
  • Update your address details to make sure that we can contact you and send you your award documents

2 - Check your email

We'll send any updates to your Dundee email address. Keep checking this to make sure you don't miss any important information.

An email will be sent to your Dundee email account confirming completion of the eVision task. Do not delete this email as we may ask you to produce it at a later time.

Graduating with a non-honours award

If you are not in your final year and wish to graduate with a non-honours award you'll need to let us know. Contact your School Office who'll let the Graduation Team know you wish to graduate. If you feel that you should have the link in your eVision account, but cannot see this, please contact

University debt and Graduation

If you owe money to the University this may have implications for graduation. You will be allowed to take part in graduation celebrations if your debt is above £200 but you will not receive your certificate until the debt is cleared. 

It is your responsibility to clear outstanding debt as soon as possible.

The deadline for clearing debt to the University is Friday 11 June 2021. If the debt is cleared after this date, you will still be allowed to graduate but this may cause delays in you receiving your degree certificate.

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