Graduation week: what to expect

Updated on 21 February 2024

How to get your tickets for Graduation and what happens at the ceremony itself.

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Collect your guest tickets  

We will send you a voucher by email confirming the number of tickets that you requested (2 maximum) one week before your ceremony. 

You need to show this voucher when collecting your physical guest tickets during the week of Graduation. Someone else can collect these tickets on your behalf if they have a copy of your voucher.  

You can collect your guest tickets the day before your ceremony from:  

  • 09:00-15:00 - Global Room 
  • 16:00-18:00 - Marryat Hall within the Caird Hall (same venue as gown collection) 

If you need to collect your guest tickets on the day of your ceremony, the Marryat Hall will be open between

  • 08:45-09:30 for students attending the morning ceremonies
  • 12:30-14:00 for students attending the afternoon ceremonies

If spare tickets are available, they will be issued on a first come, first served basis. 

Guest seating

Doors to the Caird Hall open one hour prior to the ceremony starting (i.e. 09:00 for the 10:00 ceremony and 13:30 for the 14:30 ceremony). Guest seating is first come, first served. Students have assigned seats on their tickets. 

Check-in and collect your student ticket 

At least 45 minutes before the ceremony, you need to register your attendance in the Marryat Hall. Each school will have several desks – you should select your school and queue at the desk that has your surname initial on the sign behind it (e.g. School of Business, A-L). Ushers will be available to help if you are unsure. 

You can also collect your gown in the Marryat Hall if you have not already done so the evening before. If you need to collect your gown on the day of your ceremony, the Marryat hall will open between 08:45 – 09:30 for students attending the morning ceremonies and 12:30-14:00 for students attending the afternoon ceremonies. 

Your seat number will be on the top left corner of the ticket and your name will be in the middle. Please ensure that you keep hold of your student ticket to show the Ushers at Caird Hall. They will be able to help you find your seat.  

Please sit in your assigned seat at least 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. You are seated in order of how your names are called out so moving or swapping seats may result in the ceremony being delayed.  

The ceremony 

The ceremony begins when the organist starts to play the Gaudeamus. The Chancellor’s and Academic procession will enter the hall and make their way onto the stage. After a short prayer from the Chaplain, the Principal will deliver his welcome speech.  

The School Deans will be called upon to confer degrees. At this point, a member of the graduation team will ask each row to stand and line-up at the side of the stage – please remain seated until your row has been called up. A staff member from your School will check your name while you queue to make sure you are in the correct order for crossing the stage.  

It is now time to become a graduate.  

  • Make your way up a short set of stairs and wait with the person at the top.  
  • Once you hear the Dean call your name, cross the stage and stop at the Chancellor. Bow slightly so that the Chancellor can doth you with the Dundee Bonnet – this is the moment that your degree is conferred.  
  • You will then continue across the stage (be sure to give a little wave to the camera for the live stream!) and into the corridor where you will receive your degree certificate and a gift bag.  
  • Guided by our ushers, you will be led back to the same seat you were in originally. All that’s left to do now is clap and cheer for your fellow classmates and enjoy the ceremony!  

After the last student has crossed the stage, we move to the conferment of any Honorary Degrees. The Honorary graduate will give a short speech, followed by a closing speech from the Principal.   

Everyone will stand as the organist plays the Gaudeamus again. The Academic and Chancellor’s procession will make their way out of the hall followed by the graduates, one row at a time. 

Useful tips 

  • Allow for two hours when considering booking tables for meals afterwards etc. The ceremony usually lasts around an hour and a half. 
  • Arrive in plenty of time. There is no admission to the Hall after the ceremony starts.  
  • Make sure you are in the correct seat – double check your student ticket and ask an usher if you are unsure. 
  • Stay seated until the end of the ceremony. 
  • Graduation is a celebration of you and your classmates’ achievements – we want to hear as much cheering as possible

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