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Updated on 23 April 2022

There are a range of free training opportunities for staff and students available on topics such as mental health, sexual health, stress, suicide prevention, and first aid skills

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HeartStart (Early Life Saving Skills)

Would you know what to do in a life-threatening emergency? Learn emergency life support including CPR, dealing with choking, serious bleeding and helping someone that may be having a heart attack. Training session lasts two hours.

Contact Peer Connections for queries or booking.

Mental health training

Mental Health training is available for both staff and students, provided by Fiona Grant, Nursing Officer - Mental Health. This can be tailored to the needs of your specific group. To discuss this please contact Fiona directly

Raising Awareness of Mental Health Issues

This is a course designed for staff. We will explore what mental health and mental illness actually is, encompassing some of the specific disorders, recovery and also stress, with a view to improving understanding, and identifying those manifesting signs and symptoms. We will then focus more on how a person approaches, supports, and manages a person experiencing mental ill health/distress. This will cover a range of issues, including legal responsibilities and duty of care.

Any queries regarding the content of the training please contact Fiona Grant. Book via OPD

Mentally Healthy Workplace Training

Increase your awareness through online training and learn more about workplace stress and mental health.

You can create an account or login for the Mentally Healthy Workplace Online Training (eLearning course).

Once you have registered you will be able to access the course.

Sexual health

Interested in sexual health? Learn about the local Condom Initiative and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

No prior medical knowledge is required. Sessions are free, last two hours and certificates of attendance will be given.

Following completion, there will be potential opportunities to get involved with peer led education on sexual health within the University.

Contact Peer Connections for queries or booking.

Suicide prevention and intervention


A short exploration and awareness session. The 2 hour talk encourages participants to explore their attitudes and feelings about suicide, based around the question "should we talk about suicide?"

It is practice based and allows open and honest dialogue for anyone at all who is interested in attending. You can also train as a trainer and deliver these courses in the University or once you graduate, in your community.


Intended as "suicide alertness" training. This half day session teaches community members to recognise people who have thoughts of suicide and to connect them to suicide intervention resources. It is designed for communities or organisations that already have ASIST trained helpers in place to maximise intervention as the main suicide focus.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

ASIST is intended as "suicide First Aid" training. The 2 day workshop aims to enable helpers (anyone in a position of trust) to become more willing, ready and able to recognise and intervene effectively to help persons at risk of suicide. You have to be able to attend both full days. This course is provided at no cost to participants by Student Services University of Dundee and Choose Life Dundee and Angus.


This is a half day session for those who have previously completed the 2 day ASIST training in the last two years and is intended as a refresher course to "tune-up" their use of the ASIST Suicide Intervention Model.

Contact Peer Connections for queries or booking.

Understanding and coping with stress

Workshop for University of Dundee students. Learn helpful practical techniques, get useful tips for coping, reducing anxiety, feeling calmer, and more in control.

Contact Peer Connections for queries or booking.

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