Training for the Natural Resource and Energy Sectors

CEPMLP offers a programme of seminars, conferences and professional development courses that are attended by delegates from government, ministries, academia and industry, providing those attending with a global forum for theoretical and practical interaction.

These courses, for the natural resource and energy sectors, include negotiation skills, petroleum regulation and licensing, managing contracts and agreements, arbitration and dispute management skills along with many more.

What our students say

Photo of Marcus Brown Zarway

I now hope to work for the Government of Liberia in the NOC, to contribute to the development of the country's emerging oil and gas sector.

Marcus Brown Zarway

Photo of Mohammed Naziru Mohammed

My career expectation is to be a consultant, advising governments of oil producing countries and international oil companies and other multi-nationals

Mohammed Naziru Mohammed


CEPMLP@40 Seminar - Global Energy and Resources Transition: Trends, Challenges and Response

On 22nd and 23rd May, CEPMLP celebrated its 40th anniversary with a two-day Seminar “Global Energy and Resources Transition: Trends, challenges and response”. The seminar brought together 174 delegates including alumni, students, and professionals from over 45 organisations across the globe to debate the future development and policy implications of global energy and resources transition. In his opening remarks, Pr...

Our 15th Mining Seminar - back in Dundee!

On 5th and 6th April we welcomed friends and colleagues to our traditional Mining Seminar, now in its XVth edition. This year, we co-organised the seminar jointly with Luleå University of Technology and Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR). Elizabeth Bastida shared leadership in the design of the academic programme with Professor Magnus Ericsson and Sven Renner (BGR). The seminar brought together ...