Training for the Natural Resource and Energy Sectors

CEPMLP offers a programme of seminars, conferences and professional development courses that are attended by delegates from government, ministries, academia and industry, providing those attending with a global forum for theoretical and practical interaction.

These courses, for the natural resource and energy sectors, include negotiation skills, petroleum regulation and licensing, managing contracts and agreements, arbitration and dispute management skills along with many more.

What our students say

Photo of S. Tobias Wesseh

The professors, academic staff, and fellow students have all positively impacted my life to an extent, and I am proud to be associated with CEPMLP

S. Tobias Wesseh

Photo of Renzo Castagnino

I will always thank CEPMLP for all the things it gave me and also for the amazing people I met in that year

Renzo Castagnino


CEPMLP is recruiting a Professor in Energy Law

We are seeking to make a new professorial appointment in the field of energy law to enhance academic leadership of CEPMLP’s suite of graduate programmes, including LLM, MSc and PhD; to make a major contribution to its research activity leading to REF; to champion CEPMLP’s growing profile in the new energy resources and low carbon transition, and to contribute to its expanding distance learning programme. The candid...

External Aspect of the Energy Union and the Multilateral Energy Transport Agreement

CEPMLP Research Fellow, Gokce Mete, has recently been published as part of the Karoli Gaspar University (KRE) Energy Law Forum which took place in Hungary in 2016.  The paper looks into the existing and expected legislation needed to pursue the Energy Union vision and makes a comparative assessment of provisions that could be included within the scope of the multilateral agreement. This paper argues that there is jus...