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Abdul R. Abdurahman

“Governance, Contract Stability and Host country/IOC expectations.”

Adenike Folasade Adeleke

“Strengthening the International Regulation for Extractive Industry: Analysing the Legal Framework of Offshore Oil and Gas Activities in Australia, United Kingdom and Nigeria.”

 Juliet Akos Agbeibor

“Corporate social accounting, accountability, and company-community conflict in mining.”

Mark Amakoromo

“Addressing Climate Change through Effective Technology Transfer and Diffusion in Nigeria's Energy Sector: Towards an Enabling Legal and Regulatory Environment”

Smith Ikechukwu Azubuike

“Rethinking contractual risk allocation in offshore oil drilling contracts in a post-Macondo era”

Ayotunde Banjo

“A critical analysis of the impact of local content laws and regulations in developing oil and gas countries such as Nigeria.”

Ryan Bausch

“The legal relationship between corporate political action and stakeholder relations in the extractives industry in East Africa. ”

Zhe Chen

“The Application of Relational Contract Theory in the Offshore Oil and Gas Contractual Framework.”

John Chinda

“Delivering Biofuel Policy and Legal Framework From Brazil and the United States: Lessons for Nigeria's Biofuel Sector”

Ebikedou Vanessa Cliff-Ekubo

“Real option analysis of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) projects.”

Sumret Dabin

“Progressive Fiscal Regimes in the Oil and Gas Sector”

Danna Gashion Daniel

“Study of Sustainable Energy Development: Legal and Regulatory Options for Attracting Investments in Renewable Energy Generation.”

Deng  Duot

“Understanding Social Economical and environmental Implications of Extractives Industry on local Communities in regards to Exploration and Land Acquisition in South Sudan, and Uganda.”

Demilade Isioma Elemo

“The Impact of Trade and Investment Treaty Obligations on the Growth of Renewable Energy.”

Khaled Hantosh

“Research: Re-Evaluating the current fiscal regime in the Kuwaiti Petroleum sector, what are the alternatives?”

Abubakar Hassan

“Essays on Flipping Behaviour of Crude Oil Prices between Contango and Backwardation”

Amina Ahmed Ibrahim

“Health and Safety Compliance: An assessment of government's regulatory framework in the midstream oil and gas sector in Nigeria.”

Aniekan-Abasi George Ikott

“Using reforms to the legal, regulatory and fiscal frameworks for refineries in Nigeria to drive macroeconomic and business growth in the country”

Haruna Isallah

“Socio-Political Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility and Tax Avoidance in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry: Towards Developing a Monitoring Framework.”

Dilip Jena

“Market Design for Capacity Mechanism: Quest for a secure, sustainable and efficient electricity supply”

Rahmi Kopar

“Stability and Legitimate Expectations in International Energy Investments: An Analysis of the Interplay between the Two Concepts”

Abdulkarim Isah Kucheri

“Application of options theory to the problem of gas monetisation in Nigeria”

Leonard Maxwell Livingstone

“Transportation of Natural Gas (NG) Across Countries - A Systematic Review on Management Trends and Challenges.”

Chikwendu Madumere

“The 2013 UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and Transparency: Too Far or Not Far Enough? ”

Najeeb B Mahmoud

“Decommissioning of Disused Offshore Oil and Gas Installations in Nigeria: Analysis of the Legal and Regulatory Frameworks”

Makuta Manty Mara

“Towards Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa. Does the Rule of Law play an Important role?”

Kwabena Ata Mensah

“Fit for purpose - Examining the impact of mining in host communities of the Akyem Mining District, referencing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”

Bridget Menyeh

“Enhancing Electricity Access Through Citizen Financing: A Choice Experiment on Household Preferences for Investing in Renewable Energy Power Projects in Ghana”

Rukonge Muhongo

“Creating a regional content framework for the oil and gas industry: a the case study of of the EAST African Community ”

Susan Nakanwagi

“Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Law and Governance on Clean Energy.”

Osai Nnodim

“What is the materiality of sustainability disclosures?: An investor's perspective ”

Suardi Nur

“Examination of Public Private Partnerships to Stimulate Geothermal Energy Development in Indonesia”

Nelson Goodnews Ologhadien

“Towards a legal framework for climate change in Nigeria: challenges, responses and the associated gas flaring and venting issue.”

Mathilde Stephanie Ngo Pouhe

“Sustainable Development of Mineral resources and community inclusion in Central Africa.”

Désiré-Marie-Claude Ruragaragaza

“Exploring electricity deployment through Regulatory Systems and Investment in post-conflict countries: Rwanda and Burundi Comparison”

Olaide Taiwo Shonola

“Sustaining effective communication in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Nigeria oil and gas operating environment”

Parulian Sihotang

“Just Transition to Low Carbon Economy: A Comparative Study of ASEAN Countries”

Richard Stark

“Creating mechanisms to manage the long-term effects of development within the energy industry: a case study of liability in perpetuity on the UKCS and the potential for a Rigs-to-Reef programme to provide a vehicle for its management”

Theresia Betty Sumarno

“Modifying & Identifying the Coalbed Methane Fiscal Regimes in Indonesia, Comparative Studies with the U.S. and Australia”

Nguyen Thang

“Trading natural gas in the Asia Pacific: theory and evidence”

Vincent Topman

“Transnational Regulation of Beneficial Ownership Transparency and Selected EITI Implementation Countries: Lessons for an Extractive Industry Model.”

Mustafa Oğuz  Tuna

“Use of ADR in energy investment disputes”

Walter Chinonso Ugwuozor

“Assessment of the transnational investment regulations and foreign investor's right in West Africa: A Focus on Nigeria and Ghana.”

Hanchen Xiao

“The effect of renewable energy on the UK electricity market”

Asieh Haieri-Yazdi

“Regional Dimensions of Energy Security: Evaluation the Role of Natural Gas in Iran's Foreign Policy within the Persian Gulf.”