Oil and Gas and Just Transition Initiative Conference

Published on 3 April 2019

Theresia (Betty) Sumarno and Asimenia Karydaki were invited to give a presentation at Oil and Gas and Just Transition Initiative Conference in Trinidad

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This conference is a joint conference with the University of West Indies (UWI) and our very own Professor Raphael Heffron and the Just Transition Initiative who were the main organisers of this conference.  The conference was sponsored by Shell, BP, Atlantic and others and was attended by many oil and gas companies, Trinidad and Tobago’s government ministries, consultancies, and many students from different backgrounds (including Bioremediation and Life Sciences school of UWI).

Professor Heffron was the moderator of the session and he gave a brief overview on the project prior to the presentation. Betty was presenting on the comparative analysis on Electricity Acts and Low Carbon Energy Acts in South East Asia region, which are Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines. Asimenia was presenting on the UK Climate Change and Oil and Gas Acts analysis. The presentations went very well and people got attracted to the topic as well as the way they presented.

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