Guest Speaker - Robert Armour

Published on 14 March 2019

CEPMLP together with the AIPN, SPE, Energy Institute, IAEE student chapter and Sustainability and Just Transition Student Society were pleased to have Robert Armour, a Non-Executive Director of the UK Oil and Gas Authority

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The talk was chaired by our Director, Professor Peter Cameron. It was indeed very well attended by students and staff from the Centre and also Dundee Law School. They were very enthusiastic, and many questions were raised during the Q&A session.

Robert described the role of the OGA in the oil and gas industry, which is as a commercial regulator for upstream industry. He explained how the OGA enforce the investors to have strategy and plans in place related to all their activities, most importantly due to the oil price volatility. In regard to decommissioning activities, OGA plays a role in reviewing the investors’ strategy and plans, but also gives recommendations to the investors.

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