International Association for Energy Economics Conference

Published on 4 June 2019

Theresia (Betty) Sumarno, the President for  IAEE UoD Student Chapter, was invited to present one of her major findings in her PhD thesis at the International Conference held by International Association for Energy Economics

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The keynote speech was delivered by Christopher Knittel the George P. Shultz Professor and a Professor of Applied Economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management, in the United States.

This conference was attended by almost 450 participants from all over the world, from many different backgrounds – researcher, academia, PhD students, industry professionals. She gave a presentation on CBM development issues in Indonesia. She was giving an overview on her thesis, and highlighted the issues of the CBM industry in Indonesia.

In the conference, she also attended the student chapter leaders meeting to help the SC to moving forward together with other SC in the world.  It is highly recommended for students who work in the area of energy economics to join this association. The IAEE is the platform for students to network in the energy sector.

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