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The University of Dundee is proud to host the Centre for Freedom of Information, a research centre focussed on conducting research on the right to access information.

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Established in 2009, the Centre for Freedom of Information’s primary aim is to develop and enhance understanding and knowledge about information law and the broader impact that such laws have on society. The Centre achieves this by encouraging research into information law and practice, supporting researchers in exploring information law and acting to bridge the gap between academia and practitioners.

The activities of the Centre for Freedom of Information align with its strategic goals:

  • To promote knowledge exchange, discussions and development opportunities between academics, practitioners, and the public
  • To conduct research on the provision of information held by the state to the public, including the provision of environmental information
  • To explore how proactively disclosed information and open data sets can be used by society

The keystone event of the Centre for Freedom of Information is the Annual Freedom of Information Practitioners’ Conference. This conference is a one-day event bringing together information practitioners, the Scottish Information Commissioner, and academics to explore and discuss contemporary information law issues and their broader impact on governance, practice, and society.

Beyond the Annual Practitioners’ Conference, the Centre for Freedom of Information also organises a seminar series and delivers lectures of information law and freedom of information, with international contributors from Canada, Ireland, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, and the USA. The Centre also acts as a platform for external research funding - as demonstrated by the Economic and Social Research Council funded project "Uncovering the Environment: The Use of Public Access to Environmental Information" – and engages with Scottish Government consultations and the work of the Law Society of Scotland Privacy Law Sub-Committee.



Professor Kevin Dunion spoke to BBC Radio Scotland about the Scottish Government’s response its own Access to Information Rights consultation.

Published on 4 December 2023

Freedom of information

Freedom of information requests to the University of Dundee should be directed to the email: freedomofinformation@dundee.ac.uk.

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