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Published on 6 January 2023

Interview with the United Nations Convention Against Corruption Coalition

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Access to information on the environment is a key element in enabling the public to participate in environmental governance and shape society’s response to the issues of climate change and the degradation of the environment. Yet it also plays a fundamental role in enabling the public and non-governmental organisations to account when they exercise public powers; helping to fight against corruption in public office and contributing to Goal 16 of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Reflecting the importance of this topic, Dr Sean Whittaker was interviewed by the United Nations Convention Against Corruption Coalition on his research into the right of access to environmental information. In the interview Dr Whittaker discusses the importance of the right of access to environmental information, as well as current policy innovations and challenges facing the public, non-governmental organisations, and public authorities themselves in guaranteeing and engaging with the right to environmental information. The interview concludes with a discussion on the need for a broader cultural shift towards greater transparency as the norm, and the role that non-governmental organisations can play in driving this shift in policy.

More information about the United Nations Convention and Corruption Coalition can be found at the UNCA Coalition website, and the interview can be viewed on Youtube.

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